2020 Texas Student Art Contest

“2020 Texas Student Art Contest is opened as an online contest due to COVID-19”

  • Entry Level : Pre K ~ 12th grade

  • Application Open : 9/21 (Mon) ~ 12/15 (Tue) 11:59 PM CT

  • Entry Theme : FREE / Up to 3 works per an applicant

  • Categories : 2D / 3D / Photograph / Digital Arts

<Open to Public>Share My Own Video”(Limited 1 video)12


Best of Show (1)

$500 + Award certificate of Texas Governor +Trophy

Grand Prize (12):

$50 + Award certificate + Trophy

Reserve Best of Show (1)

$300 + Award certificate of Consulate General of Republic of Korea + Trophy

Gold Prize:

Award certificate + Trophy

Grade Champion (13):

$100 + Award certificate + Trophy

* Recognition awarders: Houston Korean Education Center, U.S. Senator, U.S. Representative, TX Senator, TX Representative, City of Houston Mayor, Harris County Judge, City Councilmember, KAACCH, Korean Journal Houston, Korean Artist Assoc. of SW

Special / Merit Award:

Award certificate + Medal

Open to Public
“Share My Own Video”

1st prize(1) $100
2nd prize(1) $50
3rd prize(3) $20 (gift card)


2D: Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Mixed Media
Dimensions 8” x 11” ~ 24” x 36” (File size 1MB~5MB)

3D: Clay ceramics, Sculpture, Crafts and other 3D work
Dimensions 6” x 6” x 6” ~ 16” x 16” x 16” (File size each 1MB~5MB)

Photography: Original traditional, Digital photographs/ Color or black & white. Dimensions 8” x 11” ~ 24”x 36” (File size Up to 20MB)

Digital Art: Digital art can be computer generated, scanned or drawn using a tablet and a mouse.  Photo-painting. 2D·3D·Flash Animation, Fractal / Algorithmic Art, Data-Moshing, Dynamic Painting,  2D·3D Computer Graphics, Pixel Art. (File size: Up to 50MB)

“Share My Own Video” Playing time: 15 sec ~ 2 min (File size: Up to 50MB)

(*연령 및 형식 제한 없으나 내용은 일반적인 우리 사회의 도덕성에 벗어나지 않아야 합니다)

 How to take photos and upload your work

2D – Take picture under the Day light 
       – Avoid the light reflection 
       – Image quality is High/ or Maximum
<Mat Board가 있는 작품>

1, keep the same distance each side.
(상하좌우 같은 간격 유지하고 사진찍는다)

2, cut the edge and upload an original artwork.
(작품을 제외한 외곽을 자른뒤 업로드한다)

<좋지 못한 사진 촬영 예>
No good 1



3D  – Same as 2D of direction 
      –  Must take picture all 5 side views  
<Sample 1>






<Sample 2>






TASC General Rules

1. Participants must be from Pre-K to 12th grade or must be aged 18 or under.

2. Participants must submit original artwork of their own creation.

3. The participating regions include not only Texas, but also Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana.

4. Entries must include the artist’s name, phone number, address, grade and school name, artwork title and explanation.

5. Artwork should be submitted online only using submission form.

6. Artwork must be clearly visible and submitted in proper file format.

7. All participants receive an award for one work.

8. Original art should be saved by the contestants and mailed to Korean Journal Houston/ or JP Arts if requested

9. Winner will be notified on the webpage, and via email or phone

10. Winning art will be used in Korean Journal Houston promotional brochures and flyers as well as on their social media platforms

11. Judges from various backgrounds will be reviewing submitted artworks this year.

12. Competition schedules and awards are subject to change. The submitted artworks don’t have to be 100% finished as seeing interesting art making process is something we are looking forward to as well.