Contemporary Culture Art Contest (CCAC)

2022 Student Art Contest Entry from


Online Submission deadline : November 30, 2022





We, the STUDENT and TEACHER / PARENT, certify that the student has read, understands, and has abided by all rules and regulations of the Contemporary Culture Art Contest (CCAC). This further certifies that this is the student’s own work and idea. It has not been reproduced from a previously published photograph, published piece of art, or copyright-protected work. 

We understand that the CCAC - Korean Journal staff members and contest Art Director - will take every precaution in handling and storing student artwork, but are not responsible for loss, theft, damage, or repair of the artwork. We hereby grant the Student Art Contest Committee permission to take the students’ art for display. We acknowledge that TSAC has the right to copyright, publish, print, sell, reproduce and use in all forms of public media of the student's artwork in whatever way deemed appropriate by the Art competition organizer.